Big Fish Legend 1.0

Big Fish Legend 1.0

Big Fish Legend is an adventure game about a very skillful cat
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Big Fish Legend is a game about a cat that has a mission. He must go through a map that has three different sectors, these are the jungle, glacier, and desert. At last, he'll reach the final world to fight the real enemy.

In each world of the game you have to collect diamonds of different colors each of which gives different amount of points. On your way there will be enemies such as the orange-colored Scorpions; if you get too close they will begin to attack and that will cause your energy bar to decrease very quickly. If your energy bar reaches zero, that's it. To destroy any enemy you just have to jump over them and you will be given 500 points.

Despite the fact that the cat is very quick and has skills such as jumping very high, or walking along the walls, very often he'll have to use a red trampoline to soar higher and thus reach a specific place.

Other tool found on the road is an elevator that will take you to a programmed destination place. If you find a red flag, that is used to save the state of the game in the exact place where you were going.

If you find a door with a rock just stand in front of it to win, that's the exit. As you move on to higher levels and win each of them, you'll be given trophies which are saved in the trophy room.

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  • Beautiful effects with parallax backgrounds
  • Game suitable for the whole family
  • Nice background audio
  • With more than 60 levels to play


  • This game requires powerful computers to render fast


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